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Completed Project's 

This is just some of the projects that Tall Pines Corp. has completed over the years. 



"The Pad"

This Project is one that we like to refer to as "the pad" as it was the first ever RV pad that our company ever installed. It took our crews 10hrs and close to 25 ton of Crush and Run gravel to complete and get perfectly level. As multiple rocks and other objects were just under the surface of the ground making the gravel uneven but despite all the unforeseeable events TPC prevailed and completed the job right on time as usual.


Mtn. side rd.

This driveway construction job presented many challenges from the very beginning. The driveway was so bad at first that the supervisor that went out to estimate the job could not access the house because of the driveways condition. Upon filling in the 1 1/2ft deep ruts that were in the driveway with rock and dirt as well as packing down and grading the driveway. It took around 100ton of crush and run to completely rebuild the driveway. And once again 2 years later the driveway looks the same as it did the day we completed the job.

20210827_193404 (1).jpg
20220216_100737 (1).jpg


Cross Creek Rd

This project took place in Shelby N.C. what was first a very dense wooded area was turned into a entire road even the DOT would be proud of! Crews started by removing all the trees stumps and roots from the area and grading a path all the way to the other side of the creek at the bottom of the hill. Crews then placed a 48in corrugated plastic culvert pipe into a somewhat shallow creek. Then after crews filled in around the pipe with rock and dirt the compacted the entire area with a fully loaded 80k lb dump truck! Then graded out a driveway  area on top of that to gain access to the property and put around 160ton of Crush and Run down to complete the driveway build and then packed everything down again to ensure that it isn't going anywhere for years to come! Now that's what a real American made product is supposed to be built to last!

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